RN P.R.E.P. (Personal Resilience Enhancement Plan)


“Nursing students face the same developmental challenges as other college students, but also experience unique stressors that contribute to increased risk for negative outcomes. For many, the intimate nature of patient care, the exposure to workplace adversity, death and dying, and the chaotic nature of healthcare can have cumulative negative effects on students’ health and well-being. Resilience is proposed as a concept that could prove useful in helping students confidently face challenges and successfully move forward” (Stephens, 2012).


This interactive presentation is designed to introduce the concept of resilience to nursing students and to assist them in the development of a strategic plan to increase their own resilience. Activities will include discussion, group activities, personal reflection via the creation of a lifeline, and the development of a strategic plan to increase personal resilience. Students will be guided throughout the process and encouraged to identify protective factors they want to develop and/or enhance. Resilience enhancement is proposed to be a viable method for increasing student success and career longevity in the professional nurse.

  • This program can also be adapted for faculty. Please contact Dr. Stephens if interested.
  • Program can be adapted to specific needs of group (e.g. time, space, etc.)

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