2019 Word of the Year

For the past few years, I’ve selected a word/phrase of the year, including “Purpose, Collective Efficacy, and Time”. I’ve been praying about my new word and really struggling with the one that keeps coming to mind. I’ve tried to ignore it by continuing to search for something that is “better” and more profound. However, God has continually directed me to something that I desperately need to learn. So, I am submitting to His guidance and have chosen “FORGIVENESS” as my 2019 WOTY.

I’m not sure exactly how to proceed with this one, as I desperately need to simply learn “how” to forgive. I believe I just need to immerse myself in learning the how’s and why’s based on God’s words. So, to that end, I am going to explore “forgiveness” in the Scriptures to learn God’s views and directions so that I can finally address some areas of anger and resentment in my life. I have learned that forgiveness is not a one-time or immediate act. It is a process. I understand it will take time, work, and personal growth. It will require a change in me.

I will be sharing this journey through this site, as a means of remaining accountable to my commitment. I welcome your comments along the way.

Happy New Year!



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